Our mission is to strengthen people’s understanding of their potential and impact. We create analogue tools which promote an introspective, productive and creative life and in doing so, support each other and the world around us. 


More than sustainable 

All our products are manufactured sustainably, but we go a step further. Our mission is to both give back to the environment and support mental wellness through our product and beyond.

50% of our profits are donated to support mental health and bio-diversity in Australia.

    How you can help

    If you want to support the environment and mental health in Australia, the best place to start is by directly supporting organisations like these: 

    Get Involved

    We're constantly seeking to improve our product, service and impact. Buying a notebook helps and so does giving us feedback. We're always keen to learn more. 

    If you like our notebooks, spread the word. Find us on Instagram, sign up to our newsletter and tell your friends about what we're doing. The further our reach, the greater our impact. 

    Most importantly, take care of yourself and the world around you.