Imagined by Hungry Workshop

Over a decade ago, Simon and Jenna Hipgrave founded the Hungry Workshop. Throughout the years, we’ve honed our print, design and production skills, establishing a reputation for exquisite stationery at Hungry Workshop. We collaborate with a diverse group of individuals and organisations, from cafe owners and social entrepreneurs, to art galleries and architects, all from our workshop in Melbourne, Australia.

Driven by an innate desire to live in the moment and create more than we consume – both for ourselves and future generations – we’re forever challenging ourselves to be more than sustainable. This has led us to create Off–Line, an in-house range of stationery products that aims to strengthen people’s understanding of their potential and impact for doing and inspiring good. We’re further supporting this mission by committing 50% of all profits to celebrate positive mental health and champion environmental sustainability.

Hungry for more time offline

Our lives, and specifically our attention, are constantly being captured, optimised, and appropriated by the digital technologies we use every day. In turn, we’re distracted from the joys of uninterrupted time with ourselves. This time is valuable. It’s where we can truly be free. A world away from the constant stream of online prompts and notifications that keep us in a profitable state of anxiety, envy, and distraction.

Free from distractions

Our products are designed to help you focus on any task you set your mind to, inspiring thought and empowering action. With this priority in mind, every detail and texture has been carefully selected to help create an uninterrupted space for unlocking new thinking. Incorporating tactile finishes and expert craftsmanship, our products seek to bestow a sensory experience that stimulates fond memories and ignites thought. We do not believe in the ordinary and are instead committed to creating uniquely bespoke experiences that visually and textually delight. We obsess over the details to ensure every item we craft reflects our unmistaken passion for quality and detail. In addition, from mill to paper, stitching to printing, every detail embodies our deep desire to preserve the planet we all call home.

The result is a durable and sturdy notebook that is built to be present through thick and thin. Capable of accompanying you on any journey. It never needs to power off and can run for a lifetime – and then some. It’s always ready to listen at a moment’s notice, and quietly sit with you after a long day of work. It does not hide behind superfluous aesthetics and features, nor distracts you from the task you wish to achieve. Off–Line is here to provide a space where everyone can concentrate on what truly matters to them. It’s a trustworthy companion that allows you to be you.